The single, most important element of any loss mitigation is the submission of a correct and complete package to the servicer.  Without an accurate package, a servicer cannot and will not review the borrower for loss mitigation options. Preparing the necessary package, however, has proven to be quite difficult because of the very specific and technical servicer requirements as well as the ever-changing rules and regulations.

In an effort to help people meet this challenge, Default Mitigation Management LLC (DMM) offers DOCUPREPTM, a loss mitigation document preparation service.  With DOCUPREPTM, you can leverage DMM's unparalleled experience and knowledge of the loss mitigation requirements to prepare and complete your tailored loss mitigation packages.

The process is simple:

  1. Complete our online request form.
  2. DMM will contact the borrower and prepare their loss mitigation package.
  3. The completed loss mitigation package is submitted to the Servicer via the DMM Web Portal.

You retain complete control over the process.  With DOCUPREPTM, you can stop worrying about the administrative details and focus on the modification.  DOCUPREPTM can be used with any loss mitigation request (whether or not you are using the DMM Portal to submit your documents).

The cost for DOCUPREPTM is only $200 per borrower which is a fraction of the time and money you will spend preparing your package.

If you have any questions, please contact DMM Support at 1-800-481-1013 or email us at